Teachers in California face an unfair choice:

Contribute to their unions’ political spending or be ejected from their unions and denied access to important employment-related benefits. It’s a violation of the First Amendment and a group of teachers has filed a lawsuit to protect their free speech rights.

Currently, most California public school teachers join their local, state and national unions and pay up to $1,500 in dues annually. As much as 40% of these dues are used for political activities that support union leadership priorities—priorities that teachers often disagree with.
Unfortunately, teachers who choose not to support their unions' political agenda are penalized by being stripped of essential benefits and denied the right to vote on the terms of their own employment.

Bain v. CTA is about protecting the First Amendment rights of teachers. The plaintiffs in this case are proud union members who are thankful for the benefits their union provides.

But no teacher should be denied employment benefits and the right to vote merely because they refuse to support political causes they don’t believe in.

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